Organizing a Campaign

Key Steps for Organizing a Campaign

1. WHAT: A campaign is a planned and organized way to try to achieve a goal.
  • Campaigns help to create a roadmap for trying to address an issue.
2. WHO: Organizing a campaign is useful for a group that is ready to take sustained civic action to address a specific issue such as stopping the closure of a hospital or widespread illegal evictions.
  • Anyone can organize a campaign. The success of the campaign will depend on how well members of your group can work together and get broader support from the community!
3. HOW: Suggestions for organizing a successful campaign.
  • Map out a roadmap:
    • Decide what you want to try to achieve. For example, more affordable transit in Scarborough.
    • Ask yourself, what needs to happen to achieve this goal? What is the key to achieving this goal? City council needs to vote in favour a motion that grants free transit to all TTC passengers. This requires a majority vote so specifically, 14 votes among City council need to agree with the motion.
  • Who can help you to achieve this goal? Sympathetic city councillors and sympathetic individuals and groups like transit advocacy organizations, student organizations, seniors’ coalitions, etc.
  • How do you achieve the goal? Ask community members to call their city councillors to let them know they support this motion.
  • What specific actions will you use and when? Create postcards in multiple languages about the motion and hand them out at bus stops in the morning during busy hours.
  • Tips: Dos & Don’ts
    • DO have SMART goals: Be Specific, Have goals that are Measurable, Take steps that are Attainable, Work on actions that are Relevant and be Time-oriented in order to work efficiently.
    • DO use good community outreach and organizing practices.
    • DO support each other as a team.
    • DON’T expect to reach your goals in one event or one activity.
    • DON’T focus on what you can’t do – keep an eye what is possible.
Why it's useful to organize a campaign
  • A campaign is a systematic and strategic way to try to achieve a goal. It provides clear goals, clear roles and a sense of accomplishment.
  • A campaign is a way to build community power and give ordinary, everyday community members the power to act.
  • A campaign allows widespread, broad participation and can help build relationships and tap into a wide range of community voices.

Organizing Civic Action Campaigns in Scarborough

Sean Meagher, ConveneTO (July 2020)

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