Public Transit

Based on widespread input from Scarborough communities, SCAN has a mandate to focus on the equity issue of THE NEED FOR AFFORDABLE TRANSIT FARES FOR LOWER INCOME GROUPS AND BETTER BUS SERVICE through supporting civic engagement in the following ways:

1. INFORMATION-SHARING about how to have a voice in decision-making processes including the TTC's 5-year fare strategy including:

  • Regularly featuring information in newsletter about opportunities to provide input into the TTC’s fare strategy, fare policy and bus service
  • Informing Scarborough communities about Scarborough TTC users who have taken civic action regarding TTC fares and bus service
  • Informing Scarborough communities about funding of TTC from the fare box and how other cities are funded

2. CAPACITY-BUILDING to enable Scarborough residents to learn about how to improve bus service and make transit more affordable through advocating for policy change that will include:

  • The development of a workshop series with support from advocacy groups that includes what measures are in place and how did we get those measures; transit affordability measures and bus service in other cities/countries; tools for engaging effectively with politicians about problems/concerns and influencing the policy process including information about successful campaigns and guidelines to enable community members to provide meaningful input for public consultations
  • Working with seniors’ groups and other community groups to hold workshops

3. CIVIC ACTION CAMPAIGNS that will focus on better bus service including no crowding on buses to get value for money for riders and a 3-hour transfer for Scarborough and other transit equity measures that will include:

  • Build on the work of SCAN’s Right to Ride campaign
  • Build an advisory group consisting of regular Scarborough bus riders to brainstorm 3-5 actions to take at key moments that support better bus service in transit deserts in Scarborough (i.e. northeast area) and crowded routes and a 3-hour transfer for Scarborough and other transit equity measures 

Priority communities for 2020-21 are

  • the working poor
  • racialized communities
  • women
  • residents in underserved neighbourhoods
  • immigrants
  • seniors
  • using an intersectional lens: low income working racialized immigrant senior women living in underserved neighbourhoods
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