About SCAN

The Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) is a non-partisan, community-driven network that aims to support civic engagement to address inequities and mobilize a civic voice for Scarborough. SCAN strives for a prosperous, livable Scarborough for all.

SCAN works by:

  • Identifying priority issues determined from active community engagement 
  • Building civic action pathways including a community-informed Action Mandate, capacity-building workshops, information-sharing and supporting grassroots initiatives.

Community Engagement

SCAN partners with non-profit agencies throughout Scarborough including learning, recreation and wellness programs along with support services like settlement programs, foodbanks and meal drop-in programs. SCAN also connects directly with underserved neighbourhoods and areas such as Dorset Park, Mornelle Court, Teesdale, Woburn, Glendower, Malvern, Scarborough Village, Chester Le, Kingston-Galloway, Oakridge, Birchcliff, Steeles L’Amoreaux, Victoria Village, Ionview, and more.

Stewardship Group

SCAN is governed by the Stewardship Group which guides the work of SCAN and ensures SCAN works according to its values.
Alura Moores

Alura has lived in Scarborough since 2008 and works for the civil litigation law firm, St. Lawrence Barristers LLP. She lives in Rosewood and is the current president of the Scarborough Rosewood Community Association. In her community involvement, she has recognized that the voices of residents are not always heard and she works to create a more inclusive community and bring attention to community needs. She has also worked with several community associations to form the Community Associations of Northern Scarborough and in 2019 was involved in the Save the Grace campaign.

Chelsea Goldie-Braun

Chelsea is a life-long Scarborough resident, a Registered Nurse, and a parent of two small people. She is passionate about justice in all its forms and working together in community towards liberation, self-determination, and equity for all. She is also a member of Climate Justice Scarborough and has been a community volunteer in various capacities for many years. She loves to grow, cook, bake, and share food with people she loves, and when there are moments of spare time, loves a good book and a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Cynthia Du Mont

Cynthia has worked in the human services sector since 1977. With a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology from the University of Guelph, her career has been dedicated to the well-being of vulnerable community members including children, youth, and seniors. She has been the Executive Director of WSNCC since 2004. She is a long-time resident of Scarborough and strongly believes that supporting communities and working at the neighbourhood level is the best way to build healthy, vibrant and safe communities.

West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre

Darren Tseng

Darren was born and raised in Scarborough Southwest. He is an alumnus of General Brock Public School, SATEC @ W.A. Porter Collegiate and York University. Professionally, he has worked in the non-profit sector at WE Charity (formerly Free The Children) and at Google, working in Canada and abroad in South-East Asia and India. Since leaving the corporate world, he continues to work on various grassroot initiatives including as a Scarborough campaign manager during the City of Toronto city council elections.

Howard Moriah

Howard is the Senior Manager of Youth & Community Outreach at ESBGC. Over the past 20 years he has worked with youth in Canada and the U.S. including serving as Director of Education in Portland, Oregon with the Urban League, which provided him with a unique perspective on engaging youth at various phases of their development. For the past 9 years he has worked at ESBGC as Manager of Youth and Community Outreach Services. He holds an M.A. in Divinity and a B.A. in Psychology.

East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer is passionate about volunteering and supporting her neighbourhood. She has been involved in supporting community initiatives throughout Malvern for a number of years. She has been active on parent councils for elementary and secondary schools and she has volunteered for Malvern ANC and other community resident groups including 42 Voices and neighbourhood initiatives such as the 1 Love Malvern and Connect Sheppard East. She has been active in civic participation and engagement. Being a volunteer within her community in Scarborough has enhanced her life and the life of her children.

Laura Harper

Laura is the Senior Manager at ACSA. She has lived and worked in Scarborough for the past 15 years. She has a longstanding passion for community development and her work in the community has included working for the Dorset Park ANC. She believes it is fundamentally important to ensure that communities are actively engaged in shaping solutions to issues that are important to them. She believes that too often, the people most impacted by issues are left out of processes due to a variety of systemic inequities.

Agincourt Community Services Association

Luanne Rayvals

Luanne is currently the Senior Manager at Victoria Park Hub with Working Women Community Centre. She has been with the Hub since it opened in December 2010 and has worked at WWCC since. She has over 25 years of experience as a manager in the non-profit sector in Toronto, with a focus on community development and engagement.

Working Women Community Centre

Mohamed A. Mohamed

Mohamed is a Community Animator with MFRC's Our Strong Neighbourhoods Department which supports food security initiatives through the Malvern Takes Root project, which engages community members as leaders and volunteers to develop ways to help people connect to food through gardens and upcoming urban farm, mobile food markets and culinary bridging programs.

Malvern Family Resource Centre

SCAN’s Lead Coordinator
The coordinator of SCAN is Anna Kim. Anna has worked as the coordinator for SCAN since 2016 and as the Civic Projects Coordinator for Agincourt Community Services Association since 2011. Her work in the non-profit sector has focused on civic inclusion and community-based civic participation. With a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Queen’s University and an M.A. in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University, she finds it fulfilling to influence actual practices that foster real equity and inclusion. Along with having spent part of her early childhood in Scarborough, she has lived and worked in Scarborough since 2008.
SCAN’s Trustee
The trustee agency of SCAN is ACSA which is a non-profit, multi-service agency at the heart of Agincourt addressing needs and empowering children, youth, newcomers, homeless and underserved communities to build a better tomorrow. ACSA addresses a variety of issues including systemic poverty, hunger, housing, homelessness, unemployment, accessibility and social isolation. Its strength remains in the original concept: To act as a bridge between people who need help and those who can provide it.
Learn more about ACSA


SCAN grew out of conversations about building strong neighbourhoods in Scarborough in 2003. Originally, its mission was to convene Scarborough residents to enable them to engage with and learn from one another to take action on issues that matter to them. In its early days, SCAN functioned more like an affinity group, rather than a formal partnership. SCAN’s first coordinator was hired in 2006 and in 2009, ACSA became the trustee organization for SCAN, a role it still fulfills today. Over the years, SCAN has received funding from the City of Toronto, United Way, Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Maytree Foundation.


SCAN is currently funded by the United Way. SCAN also gratefully acknowledges generous funding from the Maytree Foundation that has provided essential support for SCAN’s work including developing SCAN’s new governance model.
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